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We do so much with our hands every day. We cook with them, we clean, we make art, we carry out our hobbies, we do our daily tasks, we share love with our hands, we create, we make bonds. Why not take the time to pamper them? Putting the same amount of effort into them as we get out of them is a sure way to make everything you touch look pretty.​​

Our founder and creator Lakeisha Shakes fell in love with nail art at a very young age due to the influence of her mother and aunts who always got their nails done in salons. She too lit up for a sparkly out-of-the-box design to the point she started to practice with her own nail art. Fast-forwarding to the present day, Lakeisha wants to share her vision with nail art lovers all over the world.

GELA provides instant gel extensions to allow all of our babes to cut the cost, the time, and the salon anxiety and still enjoy a beautiful salon-like manicure. In our world, nails can give you the power to be anywhere, channel any energy, and embrace your full self.

GELA Nails is orchestrated by one person. She wears multiple hats. She is we and as we expand, more people will be added to the team.  We are a small business located in Toronto, Ontario and with your support, GELA can move towards being even more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

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